Founded in 2010 by Susan Williams, and with noteworthy support from Professional Skateboarder Stevie Williams, and others Save A Heart Save A Mind...SAHSAM mission is to serve the community while enhancing the hearts of it's members; it is to bring together the love we all know and share in our soul; it's to bring our people hearts and minds in a share peace, Happiness, and understanding of our selves and the world we live in.
Susan Williams
President, Treasure, CEO, and Founder of SAHSAM
Steven Lassiter
Honorary Board Member, Pro Skateboarder
Jesse Richardson
Secretary of SAHSAM Manager/Partner of Organtic Soul
Candi Smith
Board Member of SAHSAM Assistant Secretary of the Board
Charmaine Headspeth
Board Member of SAHSAM Project Coordinator
Shane Reynolds
Board Member of SAHSAM Art/Team Director
Julia Land
Board Memberof SAHSAM Assistant Manager
Shane T. Richardson
Board Member of SAHSAM General Manager
Vaneric Marshall
Honorary Board Member Radio Entertainer
Terrah B. Smith
Honorary Board Member Entertaiment Director
Troy Morgan
Honorary Board Member CEO/Kayo COrp (DGK)
Vaughn Fulkerson
Honorary Board Member General Contractor
Jim Reynolds
Honorary Board Member maintenance Director
Inez Morin
Honorary Board Member Certifed Tax Preprarer
Netiera Bowma
Honorary Board Member Licesed Vocational Nurse
George E. Walker
Honorary Board Member Web Designer
About Us

Save A Heart Save A Mind creates effective and inventive services to help children, teenagers, and young adults to learn how to address violence and abuse in a proactive way.

—Violence impacts young people of all ages and backgrounds. From those who live in safe stable homes to those who live on the streets. This includes school-age children who witness violence or are in an abusive home and see violence in the media. We also target those who have or have had exposure to gang violence, bullies, homelessness, and abrasive, dangerous street-involvement. We create a positive role model experience that is not currently there. Helping those leading lives filled with violence, danger, and few opportunities toward something better.

Save A Heart Save A Mind, reaches young people whether they’re in the schools or on the streets and in their communities. Our youth programs prove immediate practical assistance to youth in need while providing a stable non-judgmental setting to address and explore issues of violence.

Save A Heart Save A Mind implements “Three Rules 1. Respect your mother and father 2. Focus and do well in school 3. Clean up after your self along with communication, understanding, empathy, truth, love and positive reinforcement.

Save A Heart Save A Mind foundation is a community-based non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization targeted to the hearts and minds of children, young adults, tragic victims, gangbangers, runaways, former drug and alcohol users, domestic victims, and mentally gifted who live through the challenging upbringings of life.

The founders statement is to provide - through skateboarding, basketball, baseball, soccer, and education- a place for Save a Heart, Save a Mind members to recreate themselves. We will provide services to stimulate the hearts and minds of their youth endeavors, turning them into leaders who will influence their families and communities for generations

Save a Heart, Save a Mind has 15 registered members on the SAHSAM skate team. In addition to that, SAHSAM has 85 participants in the organization helping to plan, coordinate, and implement the various education, recreational, and cultural programs. 60 of these participants are 18 and over.

—Currently, we offer shirts, skate boards, and stickers featuring our trademark logo.
We also are very active in community, with a regular skate event every 2nd Saturday of the month. The other three Sat., we meet and discuss the “Three Rules.”

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Save Heart Save A Mind Address:
11328 Magnolia Avenue North Hollywood, California 91601